Do you have an idea to make a game all this time? What if you don’t have the experience of making games, but you can make that idea come true? In modern times everyone can make a game with the help of software that is provided free of charge and of course easy for you to use, there are even applications that do not need to learn coding or programming by utilizing the features contained in the software.

Of course, creating and developing games isn’t as easy as you know. Even simple games like the character of a booming flappy bird must have characteristics and graphics that are easily seen. Now creating games can be made with free software that facilitates and accelerates game development.

Here is a free software commonly used to create and develop games.

Construct 3

No need for programming or coding knowledge. Construct 3 is the best choice if you are not familiar with the programming code in your life. This software is managed in a GUI, which in other words, is all just drag and drop. Remember, even if you don’t need program code, you have to understand the logic and variables implemented in this application.

Here you can create multiplatform games; in other words, the game can be exported to many types of equipment such as HTML5, Android, Windows, iOS, Xbox, and other differences.

Many archives make it easier for you to learn more about the software because it is comprehensive and the best I’ve seen. There are hundreds of tutorials or hints to find out the basic concepts from advanced to advanced and the most active community you can ask if you need help.

There is an Asset Store for those of you who lack experience in art, music, graphics, and animation. This shop is most helpful for you to find assets like the main character, enemies, background, and others. Visit the Asset Store and get what you want from free to paid.

Speaking of free questions, the Construct 3 application is limited in free mode which can only handle 25 scenes, two objects, two effects, one font, cannot be multiplayer, can only be exported to HTML5 and cannot be published to the marketplace. For this, it costs $ 99 / year to use in full.

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GameMaker Studio 2

Like GameMaker Studio 2, Construct 32 allows you to make games without the need for understanding the code rather drag you drop and know the variables and logic. But even here there are extras if you want to add a system that you want to be able to install C language scripts

Games can be published on many different platforms like Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PS 4, Xbox One, and not a few more. Unfortunately, the free version does not have an export feature to any platform.

The modern features of this application are useful because they support unique features such as skills for app purchase or in-game item purchases, multiplayer, real-time analysis of your game users, and others. In the free version that earlier can not be exported to any platform but can be used for learning material. Available packages that have their advantages, each of which is equivalent to $ 39, $ 99, and $ 144 and $ 799 per year.

Godot Engine

Like Unity Godot Engine also supports the creation of both 2D and 3D games. Not like unity, Godot’s support is much better. More bugs and maximum performance. This software is based on the Scene design that allows you to manage an event in the game, and there are also extras to add sprites and objects that are normal to the game itself.

Godot Engine Software requires scripts to create a game with the programming language used is the property of the application itself, the GDScript language. Relax, this language is easy to learn and use.

Create once, and can be published on many different platforms such as HTML5, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and so on. Modern features in this software are built-in editor, direct debugging, control, networking, and others. Godot Engine is software that is completely free and can be used in full because it is open-source software (can be developed by anyone).

Unreal Engine 4

Developed by large companies, from all of these arrangements, Unreal Engine 4 is highly professional in creating games that certainly have comprehensive features and the best application optimization. The good quality engine in UE4 is developing as fast as possible until there are a direct debugging feature and hundreds of assets that are included like production intelligence and others.

No code is needed to create the game because it’s provided here and all you do is to create the logic of the game. But if you want to improve the code or blueprint yourself, you can still do it.

The tutorial is not small, and the most apparent explanation is given directly from the official UE4 channel on YouTube. There are more than 800 videos that you can learn in detail and facilitate the development of games using this engine. Create games once and export to many different platforms like HTML5, Windows, Mac, Linux, PS4, Xbox, and so on. Can be used for free Unreal Engine 4 software. But if you have successfully made a game with UE4 and successfully earned more than $ 3000, then you only need to fulfill a royalty of 5% for UE4.


Unity supports making games in 2D and 3D. This Unity application used to prioritize making 3D games, but along with the development of this software, Unity added features that can be used to create 2D games.

Users who are not few as well as complete archives are the advantages of this application. You must learn to use the C # programming language. The good news is that Unity has a community that is not small, so if you are confused can ask questions in the forum or watch detailed tutorials and not a little found on social media like Youtube.

Same as different Unity can export games too so many platforms between different Mac, Windows,  Linux, iOs, Android, Facebook, HTML5 and even this time Unity has an advantage that can make VR like Steam VR, and some game consoles like PS4, Xbox, Nintendo, and others. Lazy or not able to create maps or game figures? Here also there is an asset store that can be obtained free of charge to pay. Unity can be downloaded for free, but features are limited. To unlock locked or restricted features you must subscribe annually with the Plus package or the Pro package.

Other Game Making Software

There are many application tools for creating other games, including:

  • Defold
  • RPG Maker MV
  • Cerberus X
  • Stencyl
  • Develop

If you want to be serious in the world of game development, then you have to work hard and learn more about programming languages. That’s much software used to create games for free. If you have questions, suggestions, criticisms, or additions can comment below.