The first task, once you reinstall windows or buy a new system is to install useful applications and software. The reason is without such apps, using your computer can be a tedious task. Using the following free software, on the other hand, besides maximizing your efficiency help you get the best of your PC. Best free software for Windows 10 in 2019

1. VLC Media Player This monarch is by far the best and most popular video player with plenty of functionalities and features. Considering it is one of the most common windows media players, it is sometimes already installed on some systems. However, if it is not, make sure you have them in place to plays discs, files, devices, streams and a host of other popular codecs.


2. Google Chrome Immediately you install Windows 10, the next thing is a browser. While the operating system comes with Microsoft Edge pre-installed (a decent browser overall), it lacks some functionalities that many third-party browsers like Google Chrome have. The OS has a long history, having been in the market for quite some time, besides being secure and support the cutting-edge web standards.

3. Adobe Photoshop Express A slimmed-down alternative of Adobe’s sought-after photo-editor, this software best suits touchscreens. It allows you to optimize photos with a mere tap and slide of a finger. It also gives you a collection of appearances to choose from each of which suits specific image types. Adobe Photoshop Express allows you to straighten, crop and flip images, alter exposure and tint, heal blemishes, apply vignettes and correct red-eye and much more.

4. Kaspersky Free Antivirus This lightweight antivirus software delivers necessary real-time anti-malware protection for Windows 10 users. Some of its attractive features include email, files and web protection. It also has automatic updates, self-defense as well as quarantine. It is a perfect alternative to the widely used Windows Defender.

5. Skype Skype is arguably the best free video call app currently available. While it has been around for some time now, it has gone through several transformations to the present-day feature-packed version. Besides video calls, the app allows you to annotate PowerPoint for instantaneous collaboration with over 200 people, record meetings, share a screen and video conferencing.

6. CCleaner This tool rids your PC of old files making it faster and more efficient. It also reduces instances of crashes on your machine. CCleaner enables you to delete temporary files, and browsing cache, and history. Since it supports third-party apps, you can remove the associated temporary files and scan the registry for possible problems. If you opt to use it to fix issues on the log the software prompts you to create a reserve file.


The above are some of the best free must-have applications you ought to install on your Windows 10. Note that how you intend to use your PC dictates the ones you should install first. However, we recommend making sure you install the browser, anti-virus and multiplayer as soon as possible regardless of the nature of your task at hand. They make your computer secure and versatile.