WebMethods APPMESH, the Latest AG Software Solution for API Management

AG Software officially launches the webMethods AppMesh solution, a control plane (control or control function on a network device) that can be configured for micro services, API (Application Programming Interface) and service mesh (communication network infrastructure that allows users to release some of the application network functions ). Created as a development of the webMethods Software AG API Management Platform, webMethods AppMesh adds the advantages of application context to the service mesh that provides agility, simplifies the management process and better management of micro services as business applications.

Designed to be connected with each service mesh, webMethods AppMesh provides the awareness needed by companies throughout the region regarding applications to manage the integration process led by API more efficiently. Specifically, this new solution allows companies to implement business rules that encourage specific behavior towards applications, create mechanisms at the application level and security policies, add new services and capabilities that works even for casino online site like Agen Bola in Google. In addition, this solution also helps with the process of routing and managing applications that understand the context – all without changing the existing micro services or the underlying code.


Anneliese Schulz, President for Asia Pacific and Japan SoftwareAG, said “Throughout Asia Pacific, companies are increasingly focused on micro service based design, as agility, scalability and speed are the center of business attention today.”

“Given the operational challenges posed by the complexity of distributed services, webMethods Software AG AppMesh helps companies in the Asia Pacific region overcome the challenges faced, enabling them to create more customized behavior for end users and improve their applications without affecting users,” he added. Some important benefits of the new WebMethods AppMesh Software AG are its ability to provide in-depth visibility to companies about how an application works and who uses it or what they do with it; to centralize application management and to facilitate provision and development across architectures.

“As business continues to grow, today’s landscape and corporate IT ecosystems are becoming much more complex,” Dr. Stefan Sigg, Chief Product Officer of Software AG.

“Service mesh is made to overcome problems at the network level such as service discovery, connectivity and security, but on the other hand this solution has minimal application and business context. The existence of AppMesh webMethods corrects these deficiencies to make solutions understandable and used by application owners and API providers. In the end, companies can make new applications more quickly and reduce the time needed to market them, “he explained.