Microsoft has legitimately released its latest major update, Windows 10 May 2019 Update. There are not a lot of new features that are embedded by Microsoft, and for those of you who are curious, here are 10+ sophisticated new features in Windows 10 May 2019 Update.

New Light Theme!

This is a significant change in the major update this time, namely the presence of a genuinely new Light Theme. So if you activate Light Theme, you will find a bright, immaculate and straightforward look, and this is complete starting from the colors in the taskbar, start menu, action center, and everything else, all in line. The color selection is right. You can see in the Taskbar, Icon store, mail, and different icons whose white color is turned black when Light Theme is activated, and many icons like File Explorer, Office, etc. are dismantled so that they look beautiful on this Light Theme.

The start menu display has never been as clean as this. So even on search – which is now very clean. Unfortunately, there are still many inconsistencies here and there, if only the shadow border from the context of the taskbar menu, the taskbar jump list, and the context menu on the start menu, this is still different. Hopefully, the future look will be more consistent with this Fluent Design concept.

In the start menu, you can also pinned your favorite games. My pinned games would be some of the Steam Games, I know it’s classic, but you can play and compete with millions of other players. The registration, deposit and withdrawal process are secure. So you don’t need to be afraid about privacy or missing coins in here.

Can Uninstall Default App

Look at it. Now we will discuss the Start Menu, Windows Search, and Cortana which have also been overhauled.

In the Start Menu, you can now easily uninstall default apps. So no longer need to use the PowerShell command like before. Right click on the default apps> then select uninstall. Almost all default software can be uninstalled – starting from the calculator, calendar, mail, even Movies & TV. If you have another application and don’t need this default software, uninstall it!

Search for More Powerful

Search in Windows 10 is now becoming more powerful! First Cortana has been separated from search, so it doesn’t join again. Search is a feature in itself, and Cortana is just an icon next to it. This is good for you who never use Cortana, so you can uninstall the icon from the Taskbar if you want

And if you open it, search has a new look and settings and is more powerful to find almost anything on your PC.

You will be treated to Top Apps to open software that is not often accessed and a new activity line. This makes it easy to build software open again, which we rarely use and continue the last activity you did.

Shift to the right you can search for applications, then documents, even e-mails – with just typing keywords you want to find. Direct search results are shown almost instantaneously, and this makes it easy if you are looking for attachments or emails from someone. Unfortunately for this e-mail, when clicked it doesn’t open directly to the Mail software, but instead opens the Edge browser – which according to the information from my counter is productive, compared to directly opening the actual Mail software that has been embedded in Windows 10.

Slide again you can search the web through Bing, then if you go to more – there are more or fewer options to choose from. You can find folders, music, people, photos, settings, even videos.

Windows Sandbox

This is one of the main new features in Windows 10 May 2019 update. Now you can open Windows in Windows, because Windows 10 May 2019 Update comes with a feature that has the name Windows Sandbox. This is a kind of Virtual Machine that is also based on Hyper-V but is lighter than most VMs. If VM often requires the allocation of RAM, CPU, and storage, but this Windows Sandbox uses Windows Container technology that uses the most minimal hardware resources. This is because Windows Sandbox can use shared resources with its host OS because both the host and VM both use the same OS.

You can use this Windows Sandbox to test software or applications that you download from the internet, or for other needs that require isolated space because whatever happens in the Windows Sandbox will not affect the main OS. Even whatever you change in the Windows Sandbox will automatically disappear once the VM is closed.

The default Windows Sandbox feature is off, and you can enable it through Turn Windows Features on or off.

It’s just that Windows Sandbox is only available in Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, and Education versions – so for you Windows Home users, you can’t enjoy this Windows Sandbox.


Notepad also doesn’t find an update. So now if you edit the file in Notepad and it has not been saved, then there will be an asterisk or asterisk in the file name, and it will only disappear if you have saved it. There are also many new shortcuts, There are also many new shortcuts, such as CTRL & SHIFT & N You will open a new notepad window, then to open the save dialog you can press the CTRL & SHIFT & S button, and to open the notepad window you can press the CTRL & W key simultaneously.

Edit Quick Action

Now you can easily set the Quick Action button directly from Quick Action – so no need to bother to set it through settings. Just edit and drag and drop, really easy.

Edit Cursor Color

Now you can also edit the color and size of the cursor directly from Settings> Ease of Access> and Cursor & Pointer. You can choose black or custom colors to match your wishes.

Separate Start Menu Process

Now the process from the Start Menu is separated by itself into StartMenuExperienceHost.exe. If it is, then it will be united at ShellExperienceHost.exe. This is very useful because if you start the menu not responding, now you can end the task just StartMenuExperienceHost.exe and the Start Menu will restart and go back to normal without provoking the others.

Intelligent Active Hours

To avoid Windows Update at unwanted hours, Microsoft added the Active Hours feature to enable Windows to restart itself because of an update. Well, if you have to set this Active hour yourself, in Windows 10 May 2019, the Update is embedded with the Intelligent Active Hours feature which will automatically detect your prevalence, when the PC enters Active Hours and will prevent Windows from restarting automatically at these hours. The default feature is off so that you can skip Settings.

Notification & Update icon

Now it’s not just users of Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise, but Windows 10 Home users can pause Windows Update if they don’t want to update/don’t want to disrupt their activities. So there are options for pause updates for up to 7 days in all versions of Windows.