Here is the list of free personal Firewall Application Software to monitor internet networks or then ongoing data traffic on computers and laptops.

This soft device encapsulates a very urgent network security and surveillance feature that notifies users of online threats from the internet, including application evolution, Proxy evolution, DNS evolution, the evolution of host files, and suspicious hosts.

How to watch or monitor internet data networks

The windows system handles a lot of traffic or the data network is automatically connected to the internet. While the browser (browser) is not the only software that delivers data online.

If you feel the heavy or slow performance of a computer or laptop, try to check what activities occur when connected to the internet. The Windows system itself has an automatic update feature that takes place in the background without the user being aware, and this applies to a lot of programs, while this is among those that result in slow internet connections. This became an important issue when companies running services through online, such as casino online, one of the example is which provide the best and complete sports tournament betting. This is how to monitor internet network traffic in Windows:

  • Click simultaneously Ctrl + Alt + Del (Delete) – Select “Start Task Manager” – “Networking” (Slide Cursor if needed).

Example: Busy Data Traffic without a single program going on (Suspicious).
Networking: Normal Data Traffic without running programs.

Internet data activity

For not a few users, network security is the most crucial part. GlassWire displays Internet network activities that are easy to find out about data traffic, including submitting notifications (notifications) when new software accesses the internet.

This can help identify software or programs that are problematic or risky before doing something too dangerous.

Application Software for Knowing Internet Activities

Aplication Software

Software features: Free monitor and firewall (Freeware)
Download: Glassware
Recommendation: 2GB of RAM above so it is not burdensome

GlassWire is free software that delivers a complete visualization of internet network activities classified as graphs, then types of traffic, applications, geographical places and easy to understand. The graph feature makes it possible to watch details about software or network activity spikes.

Monitor Internet Threats (Viruses, Spyware, Malware, Hackers)

Monitoring network

GlassWire reveals suspected hosts that can be a threat, including unexpected network system file evolution, unusual software changes, ARP spoofing, DNS evolution, and notifying problems in the notification format to action.

If you see unexpected activities that are not expected, then you can immediately block the data activity with a free firewall or uninstall programs that are not needed.

Windows Firewall Feature

Fitur firewall

The free Firewall feature of GlassWire reveals threats that are missed or not detected by antivirus. This firewall reveals all the activities of the internet network to the point that it can easily watch what happens in the background of the system, to the extent that it can witness potential threats and can block those activities if necessary.

To block internet data activities, it is entirely clickable on the left firewall icon of each of the data traffic. Then the software will not be able to do internet activities.

Note: Host Process for Windows Services is a system that must run if using the Internet.