Are you a Windows 10 user? Do you like to play games on this operating system and you have problems about the performance of the computer you are using, especially for gaming? So, don’t worry, this is what we will show many simple steps to optimize the performance of computers (as well as laptops) for gaming using the Windows 10 operating system.

One problem that is not uncommon for users of Windows 10 is the lack of optimal gaming performance on their computers, but perhaps they already have minimum specifications for playing the latest games. Now, as a solution, here are some tips that will show you techniques for adding gaming performance to Windows 10, which can also be included for those of you who used Windows before (7-8). It’s not just for first-person or RPG gaming, currently all games even a simple games like Poker or Baccarat games that you can play in some sites now use a very strong graphic. The purpose is for player’s eyes comfortable for playing in a long time.

Update The Graphics Card Driver

AMD and Nvidia often release updates to their latest drivers for graphics cards to improve the performance of their graphics cards, especially for Windows 10 users. For this proposition, updating your graphics card drivers with the latest ones might fix the problem you are experiencing around this.

Also, the latest drivers can fix compatibility problems that occur, either in Windows or the games you play. Updating this video adapter driver and sound card driver is important because sometimes simple driver updates can add to older game performance too.

You can use Intel Driver Update Utility or AMD Autodetect Driver.

Optimize The Performance of Your Software

When the game starts launching, any soft devices that are active in the background will continue to be active until you do something about this. An active soft device requires being able to suck up valuable resources that should be channeled to increase your game performance. Therefore, we recommend that you introduce the Task Manager and block any non-active non-system processes that are not important.

Are you also using your web browser when the game is running? Try to close everything. Are you editing something like a video? Pause it, or complete the encoding process before introducing your game.

Although not every game requires not a few resources to run, but your game will have complete resources that are needed fully for better empirical play.

Choose a High-Performance Power Plan Option

A high-performance power plan option will deliver maximum power to deliver better gaming performance, especially on laptops. The trick: open Control Panel> select Power Options. After that, select the High-Performance option to increase the performance of the computer.

Try Experimenting on Setting Game settings

You can tweak the game settings to get better results. Soft devices in games often choose the best graphics for the game, and for the most part, it works. However, sometimes soft equipment moves to the lowest setup, even if this graphics card can run the game on the highest available settings. Well, you can try to set this up for better empirical play.

Adjust The PC for The Best Performance

You can set up your computer or laptop in Windows for better performance management, the method:

  • Open Control Panel
  1. Click System,
  2. Advanced system settings,
  3. System properties Advanced tab,
  4. Performance Settings,
  5. Visual Effects.
  • And then select adjust for best performance
  1. click Apply
  2. exit.